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Brakes & Brake Repairs

Tired of those squeaky, spongy or leaky brakes? We feel your pain.


But these are all key warning signs that you should have your brakes inspected and most likely repaired. 

Because we always want you to be safe on the road. And we always offer great brake services

at great prices. 

Brake Services We Provide

>> 65-Point Braking System Inspection  


We'll do a thorough inspection of your braking system to identify any problems that might compromise your safety on the road.


>> Brake Fluid Service  

We'll check your brake fluid level, flush any old fluid if needed and fix any leaks we might find.  

>> Brake Pad Replacement 

Brake pads wear down over time, and usually need to be replaced when you're hearing your brakes squeak or squeal.

>> Brake Shoe or Drum Service


Some vehicles have drum style brakes, and require separate service requirements than more traditional braking systems. 

>> Brake Rotor Service


Brake rotors rest against your brake pads, and may need to be smoothed down or replaced.


>> Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Service


Most modern vehicles have ABS braking systems, which use sensors and computer modules to work correctly.  

>> Other Brake Repairs


We'll check and repair all parts of your braking system, like your parking brake or power brake boosters.



CALL US AT (860) 399-9999



Come visit us for brake repairs that include paid installation of brake pads on your vehicle.


After that, if your brake pads fail or ever need to be replaced, we'll give you a new set of brake pads at no cost.*

*Labor not included in this offer. Purchase and installation of original brake pads or shoes required. Not valid on warranty service. Charge for additional parts/services if needed. Disposal fees may be extra. Not valid with any other offers. 

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